Conscious Breathing

Conscious breathing, meditation and mindfuness

You’re stressed out and anxious. There’s far too much to do. You make lists and wake up at night to add new items to your lists. The lists grow longer and longer. The more items you tick off,  the more there are, always impatient, prodding you. Get more done! Do it now! Drink coffee, get up at five, maximise your time. Burn yourself out.  (more…)

Can Conscious Gratitude Really Change Your Life?

gratitude - Reality Shift Counselling


‘Gratitude practice’ is big news in positive psychology. Studies have shown that cultivating gratitude can increase an inner sense of well-being and happiness and nurture greater connection to others in our social lives. (more…)

The Body Speaks

the body in therapy


On my bookshelves is an actor’s manual called ‘The Body Speaks’. In this wonderful book, Lorna Marshall explores, through theatre exercises, how the body mediates human experience. (more…)

What Is A Panic Attack?

what is a panic attack? Reality Shift Counselling


In a panic attack, anxiety takes on an extreme and frightening form. Your heart beats like a drum and you start to pant and then to sweat. You think you’re about to faint or to go crazy, or even that you’re going to die.


Should A Counselling Session Always Make You Feel Good?

Should counselling always make you feel good?


People come to therapy because they feel bad and they want to feel better. It makes sense doesn’t it? If your body aches, you go to see a professional, whether it’s a masseur or a chiropractor. If your feelings hurt, you go to see a counsellor or psychotherapist. (more…)